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A Change Of Perspective!

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2005 1:55 am    Post subject: A Change Of Perspective! Reply with quote

A Change Of Perspective!

By Maurice Ali, Journalist

I now have two of these things! You can also see the new spotlight!

It is the early morning and I can't sleep, so here I find myself on the computer..... Yesterday I purchased another used Elinchrom Flash to go with the other Elinchrom flash I bought on Saturday. The decision was logical as I need two identical flashes for most studio work with the same colour saturation. Having said that, I was nevertheless bothered about spending extra money here. So opens up many questions as to where we are going with this organization. The professional flashes were out of my reach as new items, the used items made this purchase possible. Now I really do have a professional studio. Like the tough decision to go with the Nikon instead of the cheaper consumer cameras - or - the Sony which enabled us to get on TV, a decision to go professional was never regretted. But the entry price is expensive, which brings me back to the question - where are we headed?

Our 320w/s flash becomes our softbox!

I have reached the stage where we can still complete all our obligations and pack it up and recover nicely and have the FOF experience as that - an experience! Or.....we can continue, and learn how to lobby for funds and keep growing and reaching. The Elinchrom decision kind of answered that question for me today. At this years The Word On The Street festival, a lady entered into a conversation with me about lobbying for grant money. She even said on camera that she hoped we too would be around in ten years..... Point taken, and I have already begun the search to learn how to get grants to keep us afloat.

The consumer 100w/s flash is relegated to light, low power detail work!

The airing of the show was indeed a surprise to all of us. Something you knew would happen, but still a shock when it did. The shock was seeing that we really could compete at this level. I still remember rushing around checking the cable feed with the terrestrial signal and coming across my dad sitting at the kitchen table watching the show. For some reason to see him looking at our show as he would another show seem incredibly farcical or something out of the twilight zone.....but there it was..... We were brash and loud and wanted to get in.....and so we got our break; now what do we do with it..... I have to break my former ties and start hanging with the crowd that is actually producing television. When I mention what I am doing at the local photo store, they just look at me strangely. When I want something, more and more, it is an item I have to order or out of their sphere of business. I need to associate and purchase things like our next camera from those who deal in professional broadcasting, it would probably be cheaper that way too - I have to get in and get known by this crowd! I have made a commitment to stay away from consumer outlets unless absolutely necessary, I have to make that break. There are very few congrats now even though our accomplishments get bigger, but in the professional crowd we would be the upstarts and be more welcome; and it is getting kind of lonely here, but it is easier to get people involved with our organization. I have to treat all this very seriously now as those that have joined are taking their association with us seriously, so I have to deliver.....

The side wall with some of the equipment!

We will keep growing and fulfilling our obligations by allowing ordinary people access to the mass media, and demonstrating to all that they have a place there. I still have my goal of giving my speech at the U.N. and I never regretted saying that on our show - I just put those lofty goals out there for all to see..... I guess I should go back to bed.....all this over some banged up studio flashes.....
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