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FOF RECORDS Quality Music Initiative!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:39 am    Post subject: FOF RECORDS Quality Music Initiative! Reply with quote

FOF RECORDS Quality Music Initiative!

By Samantha Blackwell, FOF Inc./ FOF RECORDS Inc.

The Fortress Of Freedom Corporation along with FOF Records Inc. are excited to announce that they are starting the "FOF RECORDS Quality Music Initiative" which is advocacy for music distributors to provide high quality downloads for customers

Here is the specifics of the initiative by President of FOF and FOF RECORDS, Maurice Ali:

"At the present time downloads are Mp3 quality or at best an M4a sized file that saves server space but does not give the listener the true full bodied experience the artist had in mind when the recording was mastered. There have be attempts at this before usually at a 24/96 quality used in studio recordings. Our advocacy does not go that far but does strive for CD quality option as CDs go the way of the dodo birds in retail. Even the idea of CDs as hand outs is disappearing as most offer cards with links to download sites to get free music.

The full bodied 16 bit 44.1mhz file is the one mastered for distribution and then compressed for download. We at FOF and FOF RECORDS see no reason to compromise the music files anymore for several reasons:

1. Server space is now cheap. Web space used to be expensive but is now so cheap the 16 bit files that are 3 to 4 times the size of current files are no longer a limiting factors.

2. Download speeds are much faster than before. The criticism that the large files would be too slow to download is no longer a limiting factor with cellphones and home internet providers.

3. Music can now be played from devices from cell phones to tablets to laptops to desktops. Music created for the limitations of devices with earphones or small speakers is no longer the norm as all these devices are now capable of playing their songs on high quality entertainment systems at home or in the car. The 16 bit files would show a marked improvement over the other files in this application.

4. More choices for the consumer and more revenue streams for the distributor. As video went to HD and Blueray and even more quality formats in the works, The music has actually crippled quality by going backward in file size. The new high quality offerings could be sold at a higher price for those audio files that want the most quality out of their music. Giving the consumer what it wants is best practices for retail. Offering quality music as originally intended is a must in today's fully digital retail space!

5. Music distributed as intended by the artist. The mastered CD is the final product of the creative process and is the accepted version of the music from the artist's point of view. This was the artist's creation and should be distributed as such. Consider music as works of art and currently these works of art can almost be said to be "vandalized" by the compression of files that mimic the intended song but lack all the nuances that make music really emote to the listener as intended. Compressed files are cheating the artist of his expression and cheating the end user of their experience in listening to the music .

For these reasons and more to come I am sure, we at Fortress Of Freedom Inc. and FOF RECORDS In. will begin a series of advocacy initiatives to once again try to influence music retailers to reconsider adding the 16 bit 44.1mhz file option for purchase. FOF in all its organizations is an advocate for freedom of expression and compromised music is an attack on that freedom. So with this announcement we at Fortress of Freedom and FOF RECORDS launch the "FOF RECORDS Quality Music Initiative!"

We will continue to update progress of the initiative on the following websites:

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