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Renewed Call For Broadcasting Licence!

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:47 pm    Post subject: Renewed Call For Broadcasting Licence! Reply with quote

Renewed Call For Broadcasting Licence!

By Maurice Ali, President and CEO:
Fortress Of Freedom Inc.
International Archiving Of Independent Journalists Inc.
FOF Entertainment
IAIJ-FOF Group of Companies

The IAIJ-FOF Group is a conglomerate of corporations and private companies and are reaffirming the commitment of a broadcasting licence in Canada or abroad. While we are vetting and pursuing a broadcaster for series distribution of "The Fortress Experiment" television series we will actively show the enterprising opportunities of a partnership between us and a potential broadcasters for a broadcasting licence under IAIJ-FOF control. The type of licence and other particulars remain the private domain of Fortress Of Freedom Inc.; but we would entertain discussions with interested parties who may wish to join us in a dialog to explore the possibilities. A brief synopsis of who we are will follow. The necessary prerequisites are there for a successful application as you will see. All we need are interested stakeholders to help make such an application fiscally viable to the CRTC. The basic elements of this application follow the Canadian Broadcaster's Standards Council responsibilities and codes of conduct.


The Fortress Of Freedom Conglomerate Of Companies!

The IAIJ-FOF Group of companies comprises a conglomerate of companies consisting of four nationally registered corporations in Canada and two provincially registered companies in the province of Ontario, Canada. The four corporations are capable of operating internationally and conducting meetings and business electronically. Documents and certification can be viewed as follows (just click on the appropriate company name):

Fortress Of Freedom Inc.



International Archiving Of Independent Journalist Inc.



These companies exist to provide freedom of expression and access of the ordinary person to the mass media:

International Archiving Of Independent Journalists Inc.; is a corporation which archives, verifies and validates journalists internationally providing third party proof of a member's status as a journalist and all international protections available therein.

Fortress Of Freedom Inc. is a corporation devoted to promoting freedom of expression by allowing the average individual to participate in the mass media.

MORE VISION Inc. is a corporation that participates in the physical manifestations of it's parent company, Fortress Of Freedom Inc., in the companies home location. It is also an advertising company offering in-house advertising services to small time businesses and individuals.

FOF RECORDS Inc. is a subsiduary of Fortress Of Freedom Inc. acting as a record label for FOF Inc. music performers.

International Archiving of Independent Journalist Inc. is a corporations the archives journalist credentials and participated in publishing newsgathering for broadcast.

FOF ENTERTAINMENT is private company created to add logistical support to all our enterprises and will only do business with FOF GROUP companies.

IAIJ-FOF GROUP is private company created to add logistical support to all our enterprises.

All IAIJ-FOF Group corporations are debt-free corporations with 100,000 issues of common stock each.


It is the duty of a broadcaster to use it's licence to inform it's listeners, in other words a news department is a must for a successful application. At FOF and IAIJ we have such a news department and news organization with an unblemished track record that spans four years! The principles of transparency, objective reporting are top of the list at Fortress Of Freedom!

Our first press card become a reality in late December, 2003 and marked the first major accomplishment by our organization. Here was a press card with URL support that could verify and validate journalist credentials from a cell phone to the most obsolete computer in the most backward parts of the world. This was accomplished by having what we billed as the world's most accessible web site with the fastest page presentations possible. A true accomplishment! This became IAIJ, a journalist support group and then International Archiving Of Independent Journalists Inc. which archives journalist credentials and does credential verification.

Our newspaper called The Fortress became a reality in early April, 2004. The newspaper is currently a university paper distributed out of York University. The paper allows amateur and established journalists an unbiased platform for their news stories. This will be a permanent fixture in our organization.

Electronic News Gathering or ENG became a reality for our organization in late September, 2004 and promises to become one of the most important elements at Fortress Of Freedom!


Film Production

Fortress Of Freedom made it's first film called "Real Life" in 2007. The organization currently has two other films in production with National Film Board support for at least one project.

Television Production

Broadcast Network Television became a reality with The Fortress TV Show which aired on The Global Television Network in 2005. A second show titled "The Life and Times of Donald "Boots" Braseur aired on CTV in 2009. The corporation currently has fifteen TV productions ongoing.

Music Production

Fortress Of Freedom Records became a reality and we now have over 130 songs in our catalogue. Our music includes all genres from instrumental to rock, alternative, rap and folk.


Fortress Of Freedom live events became a reality with the FOFSTOCK music festival held at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto on August 1, 2011. The event was also captured on video for television broadcast at a later date

Other Media

Fortress Of Freedom is also a book publisher recognized by the Federal Government of Canada.


Fortress Of Freedom serves it's community by reporting of community events, promotion of local talent and other media promotions. We are active promoters of Canadian talent and culture and our past four years of audio and audio/visual production and print production is the definitive proof of our dedication to community service!


A broadcaster needs a source of revenue and this is in the form of advertising; and the resources to produce advertising for the customer if need be. Fortress Of Freedom advertises from it's subsidiary company MORE VISION which provides in-house and business services to business in the advertising industry. More Vision has been in existence for many years finally being incorporated in 2008 in Canada operating in North America and the UK and EU with a satellite office in London, England. More Vision Inc. distributed advertising media and television entertainment has been transmitted nation-wide in Canada and the eastern United States of America. More Vision Inc. currently holds business accounts or has contracted with some of the largest media companies in Canada such as: Bell Media, Shaw Communications, Corus Entertainment, Rogers Communications. More Vision Inc. as also aired television programming with the following companies: CTV Television Network, Global Television Network, "A" Channel Toronto, CKVR Barrie, CIII-DT (Global - Toronto). More Vision Inc. has also aired media on the following radio stations: CFNY (102.1FM), CFXJ (Flow 93.5FM), CKLN (88.1FM), CIUT 88.1FM. More Vison Inc. has promoted events at the Toronto Star Newspaper and Now Magazine. More Vision Inc. sponsored events has worked with: Yonge-Dundas Square Corporation, City of Toronto.

We aired our first radio advertisement on Toronto FM station CKLN in early June, 2004. The broadcast reached a population of eight million people in southern Ontario. The ad played for over one month during the controversial "rude awakening" show on Wednesday mornings. Our first on-air broadcast!

Our first television ad played on The Fortress TV Show in September, 2005. This commercial reached a broadcast population of 40 million people in Ontario and northern New York State and Michigan in terrestrial signal and cable and satellite.

More Vision Inc. currently has Maurice Ali as President, JL Menseses and Samantha Blackwell as Account Executives and Amanda Murphy as production assistant. All other information can be found at:


The Fortress Of Freedom group of companies and personnel have all of the necessary elements to pursue a broadcasting licence here in Canada. From it's business success to its media experience in radio and television, the news department and advertising company, and extensive community involvement; Fortress Of Freedom Inc. is ready to enter the world of broadcasting. We now seek interested individuals and firms that desire to be stakeholders and partners in our quest for our first broadcasting licence! Please feel free to contact us and begin a dialog on the possibilities.

We can be reached through our contact page available here: CLICK HERE


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