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iOS6 on the iPhone 4!

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:17 am    Post subject: iOS6 on the iPhone 4! Reply with quote

iOS6 on the iPhone 4!

By Maurice Ali

My iPhone 4!

Since these things are fleeting - here is my review on iOS6:

I always said that you don't need the iPhone 5 if you have a 4 and up, its the same phone. But if you miss some of the stuff in the new release that you won't get in the iPhone 4 well here is how to scratch the itch:

Siri: You won't get it on the "4" because of marketing and nothing to do with hardware. So go and download "Speaktoit." This one is the same thing but you get a cute girl on the screen who talks to you with a British accent. I started the app this morning and the girl tells me good morning. I asked here what time it is and she said the correct time. Then I asked her if her something vulgar and got a response of "that's obnoxious" hehehehhe..... Guy geeks would love this thing and you don't have to jail break the phone. Actually you can change the girl to a guy. You can change the hair, eyes, brows, nose, mouth, skin color, clothing, glasses (sorry no nude but a sort of dominatrix one and a nightie, regular dresses and even a Sari.....and a Star Trek uniform - for the uber geek). Some programer has way too much time on his (even better if it was a her) hands or knows what makes a great app.....

Whatever..... This app is sure to be popular.....

Maps: So they say Apple's maps suck but you can get Google Maps, you have to log into a created account and then paste the map icon onto the wallpaper screen. Now it works but some say it still used default Apple maps first. That is fine as long as the missing data are replaced by Google material. Whatever.....

Panoramic Photos: Again missing from the iPhone 4 update so get "Microsoft Photosynth" and see the hype and then forget about it having scratched that itch.....

Safari: The big news is the ability to go full screen on the landscape mode and sort of makes up for the small screen. If you use the "Reader" this actually makes the iPhone 4 screen usable for most people to read web texts. For the "five" the extra landscape brings you almost within reach of the Galaxy S3 environment as it gives you the extra height with the extra length in a smaller form factor.

Facetime: Most of the large carriers here in Canada should allow non-wifi facetime so the reality of true video phone calls is finally here.

Songs: Once you get past the light grey background you will notice that when you play a downloaded song you also can get the album songs (available for download sale)) you did not download.....

Email: You get a favorites list.....

Youtube: You have to go to to get an app to use it as it is not native to the latest version of the OS.....

Passbook: I'll take a pass on Passbook.....

There's lots more and it is worth the change. You get to keep the old phone which works just fine with out thinking you are missing anything!
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