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Installing the Apple iOS 5 Operating System on the iPhone 4!

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:04 pm    Post subject: Installing the Apple iOS 5 Operating System on the iPhone 4! Reply with quote

Installing the Apple iOS 5 Operating System on the iPhone 4!

By Maurice Ali

The iPhone 4!

Toronto, Canada - October 16, 2011. With all the hoopla over the newly released iPhone 4s replacing the iPhone 4 (which I currently own), I figured the phones were close enough that I would just update the original operating system that I never updated to the IOS 5 version that comes with the new phone. The iPhone is now a world phone sold everywhere, so perhaps my experience updating an iPhone is worthy of archiving as an article. What follows is my step by step progress in updating and getting everything to work:

I will upgrade my iPhone 4 to the latest IOS 5 and will let you know how it goes.

Must update iTunes to 10.5

It claims it is restoring OS (operating system) which makes you think it is not updating but it does - relax.

Lost all my emails except two of the latest. Surprisingly all my unread junk mail remains.

All my songs and videos are gone.

My photos are still there.

Contacts still there - so far so good.

All my books are gone.

My messages are still there.

None of the apps open - just a judder - Oh Crap!

Deleted all deletable apps on the phone, then re-synched the phone and the apps were back and working.

No contents in video or music.

Hard reset gives me back the videos.

Synching again and hard reset got me back the music. Hundred of tunes that show up in the "about" section but not in the iPod (now called "music") - so just keep trying and reset.....

Update is complete and about four hours to get everything working again.

There is no "Notification Center" on the iPhone 4. Same o'l same o'l. (Postscript: Wait - user error - the top to bottom swipe brings up the notifications. All notifications finally on one screen and all displayed on a locked screen including emails).

Double click on the home button brings up the camera icon for a quick shot.

Most significant update to Safari (Internet browser) is the "reader" icon. Push that button and regular web pages are reduced to large text so old eyes like my own can read comfortably on the iPhone's screen without expanding and reducing test size to read properly. Plus (a big plus) is that there is no more horizontal scrolling with "reader" as everything is sized for the display just vertical scrolling down. This change is big stuff for regular Internet users.

You do get access to iCloud and 5gigs of space.

I still can't figure out how to use iMessenger - an encrypted messaging system like Blackberry - but will update if I can actually see it in use (Postscript: It turns out iMesseger will work automatically with other iPhones).

Now some pet peeves:

First is the fact that iOS 5 makes you agree to advertising inside apps such as this Messenger application.

The second peeve is that even though the "4" has 512MB of RAM why did they keep it at 512MB for the "4s" because on my phone I get this message.

What about "Siri" - the voice activated assistant? Well it tuns out that Siri runs very well on the iPhone 4 with only a needed software key, the problem is that to use the service, almost entirely done off the phone on remote servers, the Apple servers and will refuse the program issued from non-iPhone 4s phones. This is simply deliberate crippling of the application to build excitement for the new phone. Prior to the iPhone 4s announcement, 3Gs and iPhone 4 users could use Siri and still download it. After the iPhone 4s announcement Siri halted access as an app and for those who already had it, lost it later on October 15, 2011. This is the future of cell phones as applications become designer things attached to a brand and the phone itself simply becomes a terminal or "brand icon" doing not much other than relaying information to remote servers to process and store. This launch was more of an application launch with a couple of token changes. However it really marks a watershed moment for the future of this industry that will, more and more, be eclipsed by programs and software promotion over hardware improvements for what will simply be a user interface device and nothing more.

A new phone? No, it is the same old phone and the new OS even looks like the old one. With the iPhone 4 there is no noticeable lag in speed, everything works so I guess the delay in the 4s let the developers work out most of the bugs. As it stands - I guess the operating system upgrade it was worth it. The 4s and the software updates are just not worth the upgrade from the previous iPhone 4. There are now some side-by-side tests that show a slight lag in processor speed opening applications and a longer lag in presenting complicated webpages between 4 and 4s, but nothing here that is a real eye-opener. There is also no obvious identity of the new phone over the old except for the model number in the fine print. So no iPhone 4s for me. I will wait until the iPhone 5 instead.
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