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Campaign For TV Series Begins!

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:22 am    Post subject: Campaign For TV Series Begins! Reply with quote

Campaign For TV Series Begins!

By Maurice Ali

While not naming any names our first contact with regard to lobbying for airplay for the series was made yesterday (The Fortress Experiment). Also yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the new building for Corus Entertainment, one of the largest radio and television broadcasters and with which we have a multi-year advertising contract.

The Corus Building still under contruction!

I had planned on doing this earlier in the year but everything always takes longer. That is just reality outside TV land. But I did make that first tentative move this week which was the plan. Now I am breaking protocol and talking to everyone at this organization as this forum is the fastest way to reach everyone. I actually was doing several things downtown today but this one was the exciting trip, that being the trip to Corus. I had to park a quarter of a mile way and pay six bucks for the convenience but walking up the place can I describe it.....just a happy moment for me. No real reason, I was just happy about things, I really was just comfortable to be this guy walking toward this huge media company representing this organization and all the wacky people that populate it.

Another shot of Corus!

Remember that anything that happens here is ultimately my fault as I set things up starting with those axioms and postulates that made our constitution. One thing I insisted on was that our little think tank was not going to be only academic. I have seen this in action in university and wanted an organization that could survive in the real world and that meant a combination of high intellect and also street smarts with a ruthlessness about itself to get things done. It was with much entertainment that I saw both in operation lately. In the end things were a bit of a "fiasco" but I could not be more proud of you guys and how you handled yourselves - and you know who you are. I have no children but most of you here are about the age my kids would be and I can't help but project. The little girl with the pink hair who started with us is a few years older, but when I see her really lay it to someone and defend the organization and even myself, I just keep seeing that "emo" girl with the pink hair. Great stuff and better than watching TV! Our gang is fighting for us in several theaters of operation - man that sounds almost like a war campaign - and I see all.....

So this report is for the organization. I want nobody to be ashamed or embarrassed over their actions and end results, I am very proud of all of you! We are doing better than I ever thought. Realize that when I plot strategy I plan for some failure here and there, we have to learn as we go. So we are fully on track, just trust me on all this. Like a parent, I keep an eye on you guys, like a parent following behind their child - at a safe distance - on their first day of school, I just enjoy seeing you kids in action, in victory and defeat. Seeing you defend the organization and really sock it to them in ever more creative ways is the best! The only critical time when things had to go off without a hitch was when I had to refinance earlier in the spring and that was one of the most import moments ever for the organization. Money and credit are everything and things were good to go after that moment. That was critical, everything else is recoverable. And so we carry on. I just wish that things moved along a bit faster.....

Entrance to Corus!

Anyway you guys and gals just keep charging, as Patton would say "We aren't holding anything" we are constantly charging forward and pushing and if that means stubbing our toes here and there then so be it.

The only major broadcaster we do not have an account with is the CBC. Other than them we are known to all the major broadcasting entities in Canada. The organization has arrived! Wow, and I finally really place my identity with this organization more than anything else. That is an accomplishment for myself and I sort of realized today in something called a feeling.

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