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Pit Bull Owners Demand Repeal Of Bill 132!

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:08 pm    Post subject: Pit Bull Owners Demand Repeal Of Bill 132! Reply with quote

Pit Bull Owners Demand Repeal Of Bill 132!

By Maurice Ali

David brought his dog "Siris" to the event!

Toronto, Canada - August 29, 2010. Pit Bull owners descended on Queen's Park (home of Ontario's Parliamentary Building) for a candlelight vigil to raise awareness of the "flawed" Ontario Bill 132 that bans 'Pit Bulls" and ask that if be repealed.

I met and interviewed two owners affected by the bill, and their pets. I have to say that the dogs were well behaved, actually playful, which is quite a change from the usual image as vicious and aggressive dogs. As for the law, dogs born before a specified date had to be"put down" and dogs born after that date could be retained and live to the end of their natural lives (quote from Ministry of the Attorney General):

"Grandfathered or Restricted Pit Bulls
Individuals who already own pit bulls will be able to keep them, provided they comply with requirements set out in the amendments and the regulations.
Pit bulls kept legally after the ban will be known as "grandfathered" or restricted pit bulls.
In order for a pit bull to qualify as a "grandfathered" or restricted pit bull, it must be:
Owned by an Ontario resident on August 29, 2005., or
Born in Ontario within 90 days after August 29, 2005. "

The law also gives police powers of entry onto property if there is a suspicion that a Pit Bull is being kept illegally (quote from Ministry of the Attorney General):

"New Powers for Animal Control Personnel
The amendments to DOLA provide that police officers, special constables, First Nations Constables, auxiliary police, municipal law enforcement officers, OSPCA inspectors and OSPCA agents are all designated as peace officers for the purposes of DOLA.
Designated peace officers will be able to obtain warrants to seize a dog from a particular location where it is not desirable in the interests of public safety that the dog be so located.
In exigent circumstances, designated peace officers will have a right of entry without warrant. Exigent circumstances include circumstances where there are reasonable grounds to believe that entry without warrant is necessary to prevent imminent bodily harm or death to any person or domestic animal.
There are also provisions for seizure in public places."

Being a dog owner as a kid I have a bit of a soft spot to those dog owners affected by the bill who take care of their pets. It was confirmed in the interview I had that day that it is the owner and not the dog at fault when dogs act aggressively and cause injury.

Page from Ottawa brought her dog "Bella" to Queen's Park!

I had only enough time to interview two of the owners as security wanted me and my car off the property, but they did give me some time to compile a story when I presented my press credentials. Not quite the royal treatment afforded to traditional broadcast media, but they did give me a break.

From files of Maurice Ali
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