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FOFSTOCK: Update 2: Mel Lastman Square!

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Shane Murphy

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:59 am    Post subject: FOFSTOCK: Update 2: Mel Lastman Square! Reply with quote

FOFSTOCK: Update 2: Mel Lastman Square!

By Shane Murphy, Manager: FOF RECORDS

We have more info on the concert scene. No confirmed acts yet as it is way way early to think about that. Here is an email I got from the man about one place:

Maurice wrote:

Maurice Ali at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto!

I went up the elevator to Parks and Recreation at the old North York City Hall in Toronto for a meeting with two people from the city about my request to rent Mel Lastman square for a concert. The meeting began with me being grilled about my status as a business or organizational entity. They quickly figured out I had the credentials and was for real and things quickly went to money and permits and restrictions.

Short answer about Mel Lastman Square is that, yes, it is financially and logistically viable. The only possible snag is - you guessed it - dates! Dates are offered to known users and organizations first and then to new comers like Fortress. Also, they really want the applications in before the end of December for the upcoming year.

Here are the apllication and guidlines for the event.

I will keep money out of it as it may be negotiable but others are not. There is a decibel ban of anything over 85 and that may or may not be a problem for performers. Any food has to go through the usual vendors and permits have to be applied for. Depending upon the numbers, security has to be provided for and this could be one of the more expensive parts of the concert. The sound has to be provided by us but the person who runs the main out board is a city employee, probably to enforce the 85 decibel limit!

There are restrictions of chair seating near the stage and so on. Not to be crass but these are logistical problems through and through. Expect a crowd of eating yelling pissing and shitting people and all those needs have to be provided for or else you have trouble. We have to have access to the city washrooms or folk will defecate on city property and you know who will have to account for that..... They have to eat and we covered that a few sentences up there. The yelling and stuff is ok and anymore is handled by security. They did not really mention insurance as that was one of my biggest cost concerns but I will check the guidelines to see how liable I am for anything that goes one there.

That is a about it in a nutshell for Mel Lastman Square. We continue to vet sites and it really looks like a 24 month venture.

Maurice Ali

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