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Open Call For Broadcasting Licence! - Part 2

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Maurice Ali

Joined: 14 Nov 2003
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:53 pm    Post subject: Open Call For Broadcasting Licence! - Part 2 Reply with quote

I received an email yesterday from a singer/songwriter looking for help and met another female singer playing at a Starbucks and trying to sell some CDs. I actually paid the 15 bucks for this one (seen in the photo below) as I support artists in my little corner of the universe. But you see that you - as one of the last surviving "indie" record labels - would soon be smothered by the requests. There is only so much one organization can do.

Some successful broadcasting applications!

However, is this what I should be doing? Sure we have to know the industry and such, but my forte' is much bigger than this. Yes this purchase got me thinking and renewed my vision for our access broadcasting licence!

That broadcasting licence quest was always there and now I am even more focused on achieving it. The reality is that it may end up being the crowning achievement at FOF - these things take time. But it would be the answer to these sad displays of artists trying to survive as artists in a world that has orphaned everyone in the music industry. The music industry needs hard nosed businessmen and hard-nosed businessmen who are philosophers to sell this unique idea of access to the general public. Through the luck of the draw I seem to be one such individual. I figure only one of 100,000 is capable/knowledgeable and has the history to be taken as credible by the CRTC. That probably places me as maybe the only one in Canada currently in any position to make a truly "indie cable channel" a reality. Or as "indie" as you could get given the present situation of television transmission in Canada.

I have no musical ability, and I can hardly work pro-tools, but I can do this and sell this to the CRTC. "We" can make it happen with some financial backing through the sales of shares and some political figureheads and prominent musicians to join our cause. That is how one such broadcast entity came into being and the individual stakes were less than 100,00 dollars. In my office I actually have the broadcast applications the "The New FM" and FLOW 93.5" but ours will be for television.

In the next year as we try to get the series on the air we will also soft-sell the concept the big guys for a "class two" licence and see what the response is.....

I will be updating the old post below over the next few days so please be patient:

Open Call For Broadcasting Licence! - Part 2

By Maurice Ali, President and CEO:
Fortress Of Freedom Inc.
International Association Of Independent Journalists Inc.
International Archiving Of Independent Journalists Inc.

The Fortress Of Freedom Corporation is currently looking for interested individuals and organizations to help us obtain our first broadcasting licence. The type of licence and other particulars remain the private domain of Fortress Of Freedom Inc.; but we would entertain discussions with interested parties who may wish to join us in a dialog to explore the possibilities. A brief synopsis of who we are will follow. The necessary prerequisites are there for a successful application as you will see. All we need is interested stakeholders to help make such an application fiscally viable to the CRTC. The basic elements of this application follow the Canadian Broadcaster's Standards Council responsibilities and codes of conduct.


The Fortress Of Freedom Conglomerate Of Companies!

The Fortress Of Freedom Group of companies comprises a conglomerate of companies consisting of four nationally registered corporations in Canada and two provincially registered companies in the province of Ontario, Canada. The four corporations are capable of operating internationally and conducting meetings and business electronically. Documents and certification can be viewed as follows (just click on the appropriate company name):

Fortress Of Freedom Inc.

International Association Of Independent Journalist Inc.


International Archiving Of Independent Journalist Inc.



These companies exist to provide freedom of expression and access of the ordinary person to the mass media:

Fortress Of Freedom Inc. is a corporation devoted to promoting freedom of expression by allowing the average individual to participate in the mass media.

International Association Of Independent Journalists Inc.; is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the excellence of journalism through it's members and support for those members world wide!

International Archiving Of Independent Journalists Inc.; is a corporation which archives, verifies and validates journalists internationally providing third party proof of a member's status as a journalist and all international protections available therein.

MORE VISION Inc. is a company that participates in the physical manifestations of it's parent company, Fortress Of Freedom Inc., in the companies home location. It is also an advertising company offering in-house advertising services to small time businesses and individuals.

FOF RECORDS is a company that participates in the physical manifestations of it's parent company, Fortress Of freedom Inc., with regard to music production and promotion in the company's home location.

MORE VISION is a company that participates in the physical manifestations of it's parent company, MORE VISION Inc., in the company's home location.

Fortress Of Freedom Inc. is a debt-free corporation with 100,000 issues of common stock.


It is the duty of a broadcaster to use it's licence to inform it's listeners, in other words a news department is a must for a successful application. At FOF and IAIJ we have such a news department and news organization with an unblemished track record that spans four years! The principles of transparency, objective reporting are top of the list at Fortress Of Freedom!

Our first press card become a reality in late December, 2003 and marked the first major accomplishment by our organization. Here was a press card with URL support that could verify and validate journalist credentials from a cell phone to the most obsolete computer in the most backward parts of the world. This was accomplished by having what we billed as the world's most accessible web site with the fastest page presentations possible. A true accomplishment! This became IAIJ, a journalist support group and then International Archiving Of Independent Journalists Inc. which archives journalist credentials and does credential verification.

Our newspaper called The Fortress became a reality in early April, 2004. The newspaper is currently a university paper distributed out of York University. The paper allows amateur and established journalists an unbiased platform for their news stories. This will be a permanent fixture in our organization.

Electronic News Gathering or ENG became a reality for our organization in late September, 2004 and promises to become one of the most important elements at Fortress Of Freedom!


Film Production

Fortress Of Freedom made it's first film called "Real Life" in 2007. The organization currently has two other films in production with National Film Board support for at least one project.

Television Production

Broadcast Network Television became a reality with The Fortress TV Show which aired on The Global Television Network. The corporation currently has four TV productions ongoing.

Music Production

Fortress Of Freedom Records became a reality and we now have over 100 songs in our catalogue. Our music includes all genres from instrumental to rock, alternative, rap and folk.

Other Media

Fortress Of Freedom is also a book publisher recognized by the Federal Government of Canada.


Fortress Of Freedom serves it's community by reporting of community events, promotion of local talent and other media promotions. We are active promoters of Canadian talent and culture and our past four years of audio and audio/visual production and print production is the definitive proof of our dedication to community service!


A broadcaster needs a source of revenue and this is in the form of advertising; and the resources to produce advertising for the customer if need be. Fortress Of Freedom advertises from it's subsidiary company MORE VISION which provides in-house and buisness services to small business in the advertising industry. Prior to the creation of MORE VISION; Fortress Of Freedom did it's own advertising in print through our newspaper and on radio and television during our TV show.

Emily cuts the first radio ad in the Fortress Of Freedom studio!

We aired our first radio advertisement on Toronto FM station CKLN in early June, 2004. The broadcast reached a population of eight million people in southern Ontario. The ad played for over one month during the controversial "rude awakening" show on Wednesday mornings. Our first on-air broadcast!

Our first television ad played on The Fortress TV Show in September, 2005. This commercial reached a broadcast population of 15 million people in Ontario and northern New York State and Michigan in terestrial signal and cable.


Maurice Ali

Maurice Ali

Who is Maurice Ali? He is a man committed to bringing free speech to the world by bringing the mass media to the masses! He is the current president and CEO of the Fortress Group Of Companies:

International Association Of Independent Journalists Inc.
Fortress Of Freedom Inc.
International Archiving Of Independent Journalists Inc.

Maurice Was born on September 23, 1959 in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and spent the first three years of his life there while his father studied at the University Of Manitoba. The family moved to Edmonton where Maurice's father studied for his Masters degree in civil engineering at the University of Alberta and then the family stayed put in Edmonton as his father assumed a teaching position at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology). Career changes for Maurice's father at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation lead to the family moving to Toronto in 1975 where Maurice continues to live to this day.

Maurice Ali graduated from the Ontario 13 year school program at 17 years of age getting his high school diploma and enrolling in the prestigious Ryerson Business School in downtown Toronto. He then graduated from Ryerson with his business diploma at the age of twenty (one of the youngest) and then worked for KMart Inc. receiving a promotion to asst. manager of one of their department stores in the Hamilton area of Ontario (again, one of the youngest to do so). He then enrolled at York University to study philosophy and received his Hons BA degree in 1984 at the age of 24.

Some paperwork!

Maurice then registered a company called Creative Exchange in that same year. This became an advertising company that originally specialized in print advertising but rapidly changed direction to pursue television advertising and telemarketing.

Maurice then began his sales career with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company selling life insurance, group insurance and annuities and certain bonds. He excelled at his position, but did so by only providing his customers with the services they needed (which originally cause some concern with higher ups, but when they went with him on sales calls they had nothing but praise). Maurice also won sales awards like Metropolitan Life's "Salesman Of The Month Award!":

From then on it was starting small companies ranging from custom car modifications to antique appraisal and finally political lobby for individual rights at the federal level of government. It was Maurice's experiences in the political process that set the stage for his involvement with the Fortress Of Freedom organization. His philosophical character instilled morality, ethics and love for free speech and the rights of his fellow man. His business education and experience has enabled him to put his ideology to practical applications to "bring the mass media to the masses!" The Fortress Of Freedom Group of companies came into being in January of 2004 with Maurice Ali as president and CEO and a diverse group of directors from all races and areas of the world.

The Fortress Of Freedom group of companies has grown and developed abilities that will be of benefit to the world at large!

Shane Murphy

Shane Murphy

Shane Murphy (AKA: Shane, Frenzy) occupies the management position of A&R (Artist Relations) Manager.

Mr. Murphy is 30 years old and brings his many years of experience and maturity to FOF to help with our growing urban music catalogue and the artists associated with it.

Ainsley Wronski!

Ainsley Wronski

Ainsley Wronski is our editor of the (York University based) Fortress Newspaper and she is also our office administrator!


Maurice Ali

Maurice Ali

Maurice Ali is an advertiser of 23 years and runs all aspects of the company and is currently the president of MORE VISION Inc. located in Toronto, Canada. See the above biography of Mr. Ali for a more detailed list of credentials.

Emily Smith

Emily Smith!

Emily Smith is our Account Exec. with four years of advertising experience in front of and behind the camera. She handles the current accounts portfolio of clients.


The Fortress Of Freedom group of companies and personnel have all of the necessary elements to pursue a broadcasting licence here in Canada. From it's business success to its media experience in radio and television, the news department and advertising company, and extensive community involvement; Fortress Of Freedom Inc. is ready to enter the world of broadcasting. We now seek interested individuals and firms that desire to be stakeholders and partners in our quest for our first broadcasting licence! Please feel free to contact us and begin a dialog on the possibilities.

We can be reached through our contact page available here: CLICK HERE

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