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New Directions.....

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Maurice Ali

Joined: 14 Nov 2003
Posts: 7757
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:48 pm    Post subject: New Directions..... Reply with quote

New Directions.....

By Maurice Ali

When I was young, I thought I was a capable guy when it came to philosophy and always had ideas popping into my mind day and night. At almost 50, those days are long gone. But the memory of burning that bright and not having any outlet to express those ideas has stayed in me, and through FOF I am trying to correct that frustration. University is not the answer, sorry, but true creativity and the structured world of university - particulary in graduate programs - does not seem to work and it did not work for me.

One year old.....

Enter Fortress Of Freedom! I strive to keep the portals of the mass media open for those who are frustrated with a media that is closed to them. I am not interested in making money except when it helps the organization grow and allow us to do things. Personal wealth does not motivate me, this legacy of a creative "fortress of freedom" is where my heart is at.

Seven years!

DO NOT underestimate my creativity when it comes to making examples of people who would stand in the way of our main objective. I will happily wear the badge of the "biggest badass bastard" of the media industry if it furthers the cause of access to creativity and genius. I'm really not looking for a fight, but sooner or later that day will come and I will have to show the industry I mean business. However, I feel that big business that runs the mass media, are populated by people that will see the rather humble motivations of an organization like Fortress and help us out even if the money is not the primary factor, it has already happened.


Having said all of this, the purpose of this diatribe was to show the direction our organization will take when we have consolidated our technical and commercial interests in all facets of the mass media. I am here for creativity and genius in all areas of human thought. I don't expect creative people to have the patience needed to get their ideas out there, that is just the way it is. That is my job in these later years of my life. As the world gets more wired into the global homogenized culture of the future, we will need - more and more - shortcuts for creative ideas to enter what will become a harder barrier for true expression on the world stage. Perhaps I am wrong here and the future will be easier for ideas to become "viral" and enter the stream of mass consciousness. History will probably prove otherwise as human nature never changes.

42 and starting FOF!

So the cause has found one of it's instruments - I am not the only one and hopefully that trend will continue. Part of the problem with ventures like this is that the people who start these things are usually talented, good natured people with good intentions. I am sour, miserable, and a back stabbing ass by nature, so I got the nod from Fate to take this idea into the "business jungle" and make it work. Don't underestimate the truly inspired new ways I can come up with in order to get what I want. Don't underestimate the stark and ruthless manner I am prepared to take to keep the organization alive and moving forward. I know I am right with this cause and so anything and everything goes, for the good of what we are all about here at Fortress.....

46 and surprising myself with accomplishments!

Fortress is here for the kids to express themselves to the world and provoke change. Creativity and genius will be the savior of mankind as he meddles with nature and I am here to help support that idea. I expect that if we are successful, the people that use this instrument will be self-centered, arrogant know-it-alls who will not say "thank you" and will probably look down at the people who run this place. All is forgiven as we were all like that when we were young and creative. Don't ever let that change!

49 and getting grey!

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