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Next Year Will Tell All.....

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:59 pm    Post subject: Next Year Will Tell All..... Reply with quote

Next Year Will Tell All.....'

By Maurice Ali, President and CEO: FOF Inc./IAIJ Inc./MORE VISION/IAIJ

Our Editing Workstation!

Yes, next year will tell the tale of The Fortresss Experiment! Much of that year will be spent editing the episodes of our reality TV and seeing if it is watchable and marketable to the public. A sucessful series in any shape or form, puts our messge out there and helps our artists and journalists get the exposure needed to break into the business and get noticed.

The Fortress Experiment is one of the first "true" reality shows out there. This was not the idea of some producer and set up and then produced by a crack team of experienced staff. From start to finish, it was produced by someone who had absolutely no experience in television. All of the work was edited by myself, to ensure that the message was not tampered with by outside forces. What passes for reality TV is a sham, from start to finish it is scripted and - most importantly - edited for commercial distribution to garner ratings and produce advertising revenue. If it does not, then the project never gets started. A project like Fortress would never see the light of day as the senario is just too hard to let people have a go at it..... The learning curves are very steep just in TV, but add the music and print and all the trappings that go with it and it has to be a recipe for disaster. Yet our reality show lives.....

More than just entertainment, the experiment has a philosophy, a philosophy of access to the mass media. One would think that the internet has freed everyone to get their creativity out there. Sadly I think that people are mistaken. The internet is just another medium, it is not broadcast by any stretch of the imagination. To get broadcast you must be able to reach people without them having to go out of their way to reach you. The only way to do this is by advertising or having an established site or broadcast medium that can deliver the programming to as many people capable of wanting to view the message. Just putting it on some obscure site will not do it. We need the ability to access the same channels that major productions and major advertisers use, that is where the audience is. Interestingly, the progression to large screen and HD means the bit-rate transfer cannot occur over the internet and high quality programing must still reside over the air (best for HD), cable and satellite, or archived on DVDs; and this may have been one of the reasons for the HD push of late. Unlike music which has been desimated by the internet and file transfers, the huge files needed for TV programming keep the money in television, for the foreseeable future. Whether by air, cable, satellite or the internet, popular venues rarely grow by word of mouth, they are made by big business and then regulated by government agencies. It is all coming and I see the territory being snapped up by big business and the little guy being left in the dust in a matter of years. The internet is already coming up on the limits of the infrastructure, if billions are needed to keep it fast, they will come with a price and be the domain of big business. Access will then be what it always was, based upon their subjective judgement of what is good enough by a group of companies that relish total control over the media.

The Fortress Experiment has shown how hard it is to get into broadcast media. The TV series is just a more innovative and provocative way to achieve our goals. Those goals are empowerment of the average individual that they indeed have a say in the totally wired world of the future. A media society which is closed to the general public is one that elevates the messages through this media to the level of gospel. By having the mass media of the future open to all, free speech and freedom of expression are ensured and the world will be a happier, more creative place to live.

Enough of my usual prattle. The other thing that has to happen in the next year is running Fortress as a viable on-going business. The organization cannot continue as it has the past few years. My ability to finance is finite, so we have to run it and generate income. We need only get enough money to run the companies and sustain our revolving debt and this is easy to do. Also, I will be spending more time with the journalistic parts of the organization as this was one of the more important elements of our message. The Fifth Estate must endure!

With all of the above said, what I ultimately would like to see happen is a broadcasting licence to let us run a channel that would allow regular people the opportunity to get their message out there. That is the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow - to embed ourselves and our philosophy into the same profit driven media big business operates in - and win! That is the real way to keep free speech and free expression alive. Large goals for sure, but we are still in the game despite all the odds being against us these past few years.

Seasons greeting to all and best of wishes for the new year!

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