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Fortress Variety Show Certified For Broadcast!

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2008 6:55 pm    Post subject: Fortress Variety Show Certified For Broadcast! Reply with quote

Fortress Variety Show Certified For Broadcast!

By Maurice Ali, President and CEO: FOF Inc./IAIJ (Association) Inc./IAIJ (Archiving) Inc./MORE VISION/IAIJ

Fortress Variety show Certification Letter!

The Fortress Of Freedom Corporation is pleased to announce that the half hour TV Variety Show titled "The Fortress Variety Show," has been certified for broadcast and declared a "Canadian Program!" We will move with utmost haste to put this program on the air for Canadian audiences to be informed and entertained by homegrown Canadian talent! One big thank you to all involved in this project which actually spans several years. My thanks will go to all those listed in the following credits and special thanks to the helpful people at the CRTC:

Here is the original casting call for the program:

The Fortress Of Freedom Corporation is pleased to present our casting call for The Fortress TV Show. Positions and such are still fluid and I shall make changes as situations warant. The cast of the show goes as follows:

Maurice Ali

I will be in charge of overall operations and responsible for all activities relating to the show. While we have a vast array of talent, the buck ultimately stops with me, nevertheless I intend to let the creative and expressive talents of all our members to shine in our show!


Gianna is our newest member to the FOF family. Gianna is an aspiring actress and will participate in our music video productions in front and behind the camera. As it stands now, I see Gianna working as the hostess of the Fortress Variety Show.

Mark Moore

Mark will be taping our "man in the street" segments which should go hand in hand with "Funny Man Bill White's" comedy segments.

Dan Strudwick

Dan should have a couple of music videos in the show. One solid performer!

Michael Atkinson

Our Technical Director and cameraman is back for another show. I look forward to working with Michael and his creative vision!

Dave Getchell

Dave is slated for a couple of music videos based on his latest album!

Shane Murphy

Once again, more videos from Shane's recently released Album!

Chriss Stanoi

Like Pize, "The Kid" will enter television in one or more of the AAVRY KNAPP videos.


Welcome to our newest member: Sabrina! She will help with Dave's music video "Nicotine" and possibly other projects. Good luck Sabrina!


We will continue to use Neal And Smith, Barristers and Solicitors as they have been used by us in the past, however this may change in the next few months.


All videotaping to be rendered into Sony DVCAM digital video. We use AVID Xpress as our NLE in post production. All final production to be converted into digital betacam for broadcast. All recordings to be in NTSC standards. All sound to be recorded in 16 bit 48mhz specifications.

The Fortress Variety Show will be certified as a Canadian Program as defined in Public Notice CRTC 2000-42 or any amendment made thereof.

Target population for broadcast shoud be between 15 to 35 million which is a step up from the fifteen million of our first show.

General Technical Standards

1. All video measurements shall be made on a waveform monitor which has been calibrated utilizing an IEEE graticule where the video signal is measured as 100 units and the synchronizing pulses as 40 units; the combined video and synchronizing signal being 1 volt.

2. The preset SONY standard for digital betacam applies for proper video and audio line-up. Levels should be measured at the videotape machine with outputs in these preset positions.

3. The video luminance signal should not exceed 100 units when reproducing a white scene. The video chrominance signal should not exceed 110 units when reproducing a fully saturated yellow scene.

4. The video (luminance as well as chrominance) should not be less than 7.5 units nor more than 10 units when reproducing a pure black scene or pure black area within the overall picture. Black level voltages should not be clipped.

5. All videotapes must have a standard seventy-five percent split field colour bar test. The colour bar test should measure to the standard one volt with the peak white flag at 100 units and the black clamp level at 7.5 units. The phase and chroma intensity of the colour bar test must be representative of ensuing program video.

6. There must be one frame pulse for every frame (odd/even interlaced fields) of video.

7. Colour burst on bars must measure at 40 units peak to peak when chroma is set to match the peak white flag at 100 units. Colour burst must be maintained at a measurement of 40 units peak throughout the recording (bars through program to final black).

8. Horizontal and vertical blanking measurements must conform to current Industry Canada specifications (for Canadian distribution) and/or current FCC specifications (for U.S. distribution) for exact parameters.

9. All closed caption encoding must appear on line 21, Field 1, of the vertical interval.

10. All digital betacam videotapes should be recorded with the following audio allocations:

Channel 1 - program left
Channel 2 - program right
Channel 3 - blank
Channel 4 - blank

11. The audio test signal during colour bars must be a 1kHz or 400 Hz tone at 0VU, on both channels and represent the loudest portion of the ensuing program audio.

12. Time Code Specifications

a. The SMPTE time code should be recorded in the “Drop Frame” mode, and must be continuous from the beginning to the end of the videotape.

b. The first frame of program material must have a SMPTE time of 01:00:00:00.

All recording not to deviate from NTSC standard recording practices.

Engineering Measurements


a. Set up blanking (to +4 IRE units) 10.8 microseconds (-0,+.2)
b. Front Porch 1.4 microseconds (+.1, -.05)
c. Sync width 4.7 microseconds (+/-.1)
d. Sync to burst start 5.3 microseconds (+/-.1)
e. Sync to burst end 7.8 microseconds (+/-.1)
f. Sync to set up 9.2 microseconds (+/-.1)
g. Burst length 8 cycles (+1, -0)
h. Sync rise time .075 microseconds (+/-.005)
i. Vertical blanking 20 lines
j. Picture start Line 22
k. Burst amplitude 40 units
l. Sync amplitude 40 units
m. Subcarrier frequency 3.57945 MHz (+/-5Hz)
n. Subcarrier to horizontal relationship 0 degrees (+/-40)

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