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MORE VISION Enters The World Of Advertising!

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Maurice Ali

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:13 am    Post subject: MORE VISION Enters The World Of Advertising! Reply with quote

MORE VISION Enters The World Of Advertising!

By Maurice Ali - MORE VISION

Maurice Ali

This is one of the more difficult announcements to make, and one of the easiest decisions to make.

Let us start by the ever growing angst I had at the debt load created by FOF and IAIJ. Just this morning I was trying to get one of our tape decks working (yes we still get audio cassettes) and the thing was broken irreparably upon closer inspection; another purchase needed! Anyone can plainly see that crunch time will be coming up on these organizations if a reliable source of cash flow is not secured. Up till now I was that source, but the comfort limit has been reached and the organizations must start to survive on their own.

The moment that started it all! The new deck is on the left.

We are by no means at any critical moment right now, but I want to see income coming into this organization by this time next year.

The method of income was the easy part, go back to my roots in the advertising world. All our equipment and skills in audio and video are perfect for radio and television advertising. Heck, one job would have paid off our newest HD camcorder! It was over twenty years ago when I left the advertising world, with my company called Creative Exchange, and now I am back. I left because I could not afford the startup costs to make cheap TV commercials for CITY TV back in 1985. Back then I met an advertising executive at CITY TV - who I went to high school with - who gave me the standard rate cards, but gave me some inside information on airing cheap TV advertisements during their "Late Great Movies" which they had just started back then. At that time a thirty second ad on "M*A*S*H" would cost me 1400 dollars; but the same ad on "Late Great Movies" was just 30 bucks! The idea was planted and now twenty three years later I am willing to get back into that rat race.

Creative Exchange!

FOF Corp. will not be involved in this venture, it will be done by the MORE VISION company. I don't want to taint the corporations and the years of sweat equity by our members with a truly commercial enterprise such as advertising. However, I should note that FOF did put on our frst radio commercial with Emily back in 2004 that aired on CKLN regularly for about a month. So we actually have been here before..... In any case; things will remain the same at FOF and IAIJ, basically non-profit organizations.

Emily records our first radio advertisment!

Our First Radio Ad:

This venture into advertising will not be immediate, I see things starting within six months from now. MORE VISION will initially handle the advertising for our artists if things get moving at the record label and the advertising for our TV shows if need be. The current film making and such are still very much a non-commercial thing. We are growing and tough decisions like this have to made or the organizations will fail. I am truly confident that the more commercial aspects of what we do will have no impact on the altruistic aspects of what we have been doing the past four years. I welcome any members to voice their opinions and concerns as we go down this path and help keep things in check.

MORE VISION's studio!

The announcement marks the moment we begin to become a real player in the media world and not some vanity by idealists. I want to have influence in this world of ours and that requires money to make it happen; anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. The purchase of that tape deck is no longer the problem it was just a few hours ago, yes the decision was made that quickly. More news as it unfolds.....

Please Visit Our Website:
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