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PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:08 am    Post subject: FOFSTOCK 2 Reply with quote

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By Samantha Blackwell: FOF Inc./FOF Records Inc./More Vision Inc.

Fortress Of Freedom along with FOF Records and More Vision are excited to announce that the three corporations are now open to the possibility of a second concert/music festival to be called "FOFSTOCK 2."


Says Maurice Ali, President of the IAIJ-FOF Group:

"FOFSTOCK was a one day concert and music festival held to bring together all personnel from the Fortress Experiment TV series. It was a one time event as the grand finale of eight years of media participation. After the event many of the participants went away to start other ventures as we concentrated on the advocacy side of things in addition to preparing the television series for sale. I swore after the event that I would never hold another one as the cost, liability and uncertainty as to weather and such, was just too great a risk to chance again. But time has a way of healing all trials and tribulations of the past event - which was a complete success - and as we pitch the series we will also be pitching FOFSTOCK 2 for additional promotion or additional video for the series. As a partnership or giving outright control of FOFSTOCK 2 to traditional broadcast networks, FOFSTOCK 2 seems very viable at this time. So we have moved forward already trademarking the FOFSTOCK name and preparing the stage for a second FOFSTOCK.

Even if the idea of a "FOFSTOCK 2" falls on deaf ears at the networks, I think leaving the option open to a FOFSTOCK 2 anyway is the best way to conclude the original FOFSTOCK. While stand alone events such as the original FOFSTOCK are worthy enough of themselves as a media event, our commitment to showcasing upcoming talent as part of the original philosophy of this organization is best served with an openness to a possible FOFSTOCK 2!"


The time frame and possible venues for "FOFSTOCK 2" will remain open until an actual decision to go forward is posted on the company notices. FOFSTOCK lives again with the possibility of FOFSTOCK 2!

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