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Maurice Ali
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 9:58 pm    Post subject: Proponents Of Proportional Voting Have Been Heard! Reply with quote

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Proponents Of Proportional Voting Have Been Heard!

By Maurice Ali, Journalist

Well who says that the small voice of the common man can't have an impact. In a few hours, Ontario voters go to the polls and also vote on a referendum to change the voting structure to proportional voting. How did this come about you say? Well, for several years there has been a small lobby for this cause and I interviewed two such persons over the years, here is the transcript of the earlist campaigns:

Maurice Ali on June 27, 2004 wrote:

Fair Vote?

By Maurice Ali, Journalist

While I was at the Gay Pride festivities, I past by a girl handing out flyers for a group promoting a change in the voting system. They are interested in proportional voting. But rather than give you my interpretation of what they are saying - I will show you a picture of the person handing out the flyers, the audio of her argument; and the flyers themselves with their web site. I like this group as it really is "home grown" and looking for a voice - here you go!


Here is the other report:

Maurice Ali on July 2, 2005 wrote:

Fair Vote - Part 2

By Maurice Ali, Journalist

Toronto, Canada - At the Dyke March this year (part of Pride Week held every year in Toronto celebrating gay/lesbian lifestyles) was the familiar booth of a group called "Fair Vote Canada". I met this organization last year and stopped by to see what progress had been made. The group is interested in proportional voting.

The tent, displays and members of Fair Vote Canada.

They stated that there were some referendums about this in the west but fell shy of the number for implementation. These people don't seem to be going anywhere soon, so we will continue to see what happens to this "grass roots" organization.

One of the members of "Fair Vote Canada".

Some of their literature.

Click here for audio interview with Fair Vote Canada

I will update the results of the referendum, but I feel they have already won. What anyone would say was an inconsequential group of voices a few years ago, they have certainly made their voices heard. A Fortress Of Freedom success story!
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