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Maurice Ali
PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 4:51 am    Post subject: Art By Committee Reply with quote

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Art By Committee

By Maurice Ali, Journalist

I will not get into the circular discussion about what is art, the same way a committe should not be jusge and jury about what is art. Perhaps a committe can judge what is good art and what is bad, perhaps not..... This was the question I pondered as I wandered around a government apporved art exhibition. Government approved art exhibition? Well, there were enough questions here to have me take a serious look at the products that result from goverment supported community selection of what is good art.

I could say that the lady above was so bored of the exhibition that she ended up knitting that ball, but no.....that is art! Remember, that she beat out others in competion to get a spot in the art exhibition!

Perhaps another kitting artist had something going with these penis warmers or whatever they were. I found this a little interesting, but I am sure we could have found a better artist than this in Toronto to present true inovative and compelling art.

Here is my contribution to art, just some creative photography of a glass blower. I will give this person the nod for some spectaculr glass work!

This person had some wood work - yes woodwork - that looks like colothing! Check out the boots below if you don't believe me, it is all natural wood. Bravo!

Here are some canes that are very attractive, but art..... Once again the argument is an argument, but surely more progressive art could have made the cut before this person.....

What is this, a rattan "Judy", with peacock fetthers in the head and the hands. Art, I think not, oh the jewlery to the left, my guess is that it is merchandise and not art.....

I guess people would mostly say this is art, I include it here because it look like art as opposed to that abomination below.....

The three pigs are my final nails in the coffin of an unspectaculr art exhibit. If this is art then we have truly lowered the bar to ground level! I have no problem with people of all sorts presenting their creations, what I disagree with this the exclusion of the general public from an event that in the end presents mediocre art. I found nothing revolutionary or thought provocing or "moving" in any of the artists. Sure some artists had beautiful works, but art is more than this. However, my problems with events like this is the government and some mysteriously selected committee selecting what is art worthy of public display on public land, and what is not.....
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